Valerie's Cookbook is an online visual cookbook designed to be a tool used by cooks in the kitchen. It teaches cooks how to prepare recipes by providing step-by-step images of the cooking process for each recipe.

The cookbook is not a blog, though Valerie's Cookbook does have an accompanying blog that Valerie uses to write supplemental content about cooking (and what ever else she feels like). The cookbook is an application that presents content without ads or anything else that interferes with its usefulness.

Recipes are easy to find and easy to use. They are laid out as both a traditional recipe (with ingredients and instructions) and a step-by-step photo gallery.

The cookbook is responsive to all types and sizes of user interfaces and devices. It automatically scales and optimizes content for smart phones, tablets, laptops, or whatever kind of device is being used.

The cookbook features the recipes of Valerie, who has been a successful home chef for a long time and has provided her family and friends with many delicious meals. The original intent of the cookbook was to document all the recipes that her children and friends may want to duplicate. From there, she decided a "photo gallery" format works best for instructing cooks on how to prepare recipes. As a result, each recipe is accompanied by a step-by-step photo gallery. Content has continually grown well beyond the original intent and will continue to grow. Early on, Valerie's original recipes made up most of the content. Since then, many recipes included have come from other sources, and in those cases, the original source is cited at the bottom of the recipe.

Technical minutia: Valerie's Cookbook is made possible by a platform used for authoring and publishing the cookbook. Currently the cookbook is rendered in HTML (with standards compliant CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery components).